Monster Tower - Tower LED Light Set univ.

Item number 16279

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MT Tower LED Light Set universal

Light up your tower with a pair of super bright LED lights by Monster Tower. These lights are e•tremely efficient and offer very low battery draw. This MONSTER TOWER LED LIGHT SET features a pair of ultra high-intensity 18 watt LED tower lights with a slim profile that will be sure to complement the curves of your Monster Tower.

Want to put these lights on a different tower?
Order them with our universal inserts and make your LED lights a universal fit for any tower diameter 1 5/8" - 2 1/2".

• Two 18 watt ultra high-intensity LED lights
• Universal fit for ANY wakeboard tower with a tubing diameter of 1-5/8" to 2-1/2" in combination with universal inserts
• Input Voltage: 10-30V DC
• Power Consumption: 6*3W LEDs
• Current Draw: 1.3A @ 12V; 0.6A @ 24V
• Color Temperature: 6500K
• Beam Pattern: Flood/Spot
• Sold as a pair
• Tower lights are not intended for navigation or for night time riding