Yachtbeach AquaBanas Line Double Raised Lounger

Item number 20328

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Yachtbeach AquaBanas Line Double Raised Lounger

The double raised lounger is an inflatable sunbed based on an I beam PVC material. It is manufactured to withstand the thougest requirements. Our single raised lounger is thanks to his heavy duty construction very stable and keeps the shape all the time. It is produced for one person. Yachtbeach loungers are perfect for use on the beach. There are anchors on the outside of the tent legs hat are used for anchoring in the sand.

Double Raised Lounger Information:
Length: 220x150cm – 86,6“ x 59“
Height: 76cm – 30“
No. of Chambers: 1
Weight: 25kg – 55lbs
Air Pressure: 0,5psi/34mbar
Stored Dimensions: 70x40x40cm – 28“x18“x18“

Standard Features:
316 Stainless Steel D-rings
Anchor Points

Standard Equipment
Carrying Wrap
Repair Kit
Instruction Sheet
Smooth Matte Surface