Yachtbeach AquaBanas Line BT120 Tent

Item number 20325

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Yachtbeach AquaBanas Line BT120 Tent

All Bana Tents are designed to fit any bana deck. These tents provide excellent shade on the water. In addition, the tents float directly on the water and can also be used on the beach! How''s that for a versatile product? Also, the person standing under the tent above is over 180cm (72") tall and has plenty of room. Bana Tents provide great shade on sunny days. The clearance height is 120cm.
Bana Tent BT120 Information:

Length: 340x340cm – 11´x11´
No. of Chambers: 1
Weight: 32kg – 70lbs
Air Pressure: 3.0psi Deck
Stored Dimensions 100x50x30cm – 40“x21“x12“

Standard Features:
316 Stainless Steel D-rings
Anchor Points
Tent Ready

Standard Equipment
Carrying Wrap
Repair Kit
Instruction Sheet
Non Slip Surface