JOBE Region Series 135 Wakeboard by Brett Eisenhauer

Item number 270009010

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Size: 135

• Flat Top Tech: a uniquely rolled edge for durability and a snappier more lively board to boot.
• Slider base: added grind durability across sliders and kickers and anything else you want to hit.
• Sharp End Rails with a softer Midsection: hard edging cuts to the wake with a softer initial turn in and higher placement in the water.
• Thinner Profile: less swing weight equals more control and speed
• 2.6/2.7/2.8” 3-Stage Rocker: Pop the old fashioned way, big, up, and still with a soft landing.
• Four 1.0 Aluminum Fins: react quickly and provide a better overall edge hold.
• Difference in rocker/fin reflects variance in sizing.
• 8'' Insert Setup

In his old age, Ike has been busy styling his new shape and once again he continues his evolution on the water with a shape to push our riding limits on the water.

We worked with him over the past several months to kick up the pop on his board by developing a new and explosive kick. With sharper rails in the tip and tail, the Region edges hard and fast once on edge but has a mellow midsection that helps the board sit higher in the water but also makes the initial turn in a bit more relaxed.

This lifted mid rail helps it sit a bit higher to carry more speed into the wake and release cleanly. We also created a more profiled flat spot against the center than his previous designs and this change helps soften landings and makes for a pronounced boot off the wake.

The Region is here to elevate your game to the next level on the water thru straight up legit performance.  Ike doesn’t believe in gimmicks or other knick knacks and neither do we. When it works it works and that’s it and so does the Region.

Item-No: 270009010

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