Jobe Pearl Series 127 Damen Wakeboard - blank (without Binding)

Item number 270012001

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<img src="/specs/wakeboard_bindings/WB-3SROCKER.jpg" alt="Wakeboard Binding" title="Angled with a flat spot in the centre. A wakeboard with a 3-stage rocker features three distinct planes on the bottom of the board. A 3-stage rocker causes your wakeboard to respond with more pop (height) when you hit the wake. Boards with a 3-stage rocker have a flat spot that makes the pop off the wake intense and gives slightly longer hang time before landing. One thing is for sure, if you love massive air the 3-stage is for you!"><img src="/specs/wakeboards/W-PCFIN.jpg" alt="Wakeboards" title="Center Fins react quickly and provide a better overall edge hold."><img src="/specs/wakeboards/W-MOLDED.jpg" alt="Wakeboards" title="Moulded fins help stay on edge when you need some extra stability."><img src="/specs/wakeboards/W-SOLID.jpg" alt="Wakeboards" title="Functional and reliable molded polyurethane core. This has been widely used in low to high-end wakeboards and continues to remain an industry standard today."><img src="/specs/wakeboards/W-M6.jpg" alt="Wakeboards" title="The new M6 standard changes the game for wakeboarding.u00a0The metric thread on the new M6 hardware means the insert in the boards can be smaller. This means we have way more room for activities!">

Pearl Series women wakeboard 127cm blank (without binding)

Sizes: 127cm.
Rocker: 3-Stage.
Insert Setup: 6''.
Skill level: All.
Tip/Tail width: 23,4
Center width: 40,1
Rider weight: 24-62 kg.
Grindbase: No.

Scope of delivery:
Pearl Series (without binding).

3-stage rocker:
curved with a flat spot in the middle. A board with a 3-stage rocker has three visible sections on the underside. The 3-stage rocker provides more pop (height) when you take the wave. Boards with a 3-stage rocker have a flattened point in the middle, which makes the impact strongly felt on landing and gives a slightly sluggish feeling on landing. But one thing is certain - you are more stable. Difference in rocker / fin reflects the size variation.

1.0'' Polycarbonate / Plastic Fins:
React quickly and offer better edge hold.

Molded In Fins:
Integrated fins that improve the grip of the board in the water and the stability on landings.

PU Core:
Functional and reliable cast polyurethane core that will be widely used in low-end and high-end wakeboards in recent years and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

M6 Inserts:
The new standard in insert packs; these offer more turns with a smaller screw.

The board is easy to use and allows easy starts. The widened profile and the unique, sharp molded in fin gives the driver a safe feeling and enables soft landings. The Pearl impresses with its thinner profile with minimal weight and excellent flex behavior

You don't have to crack a thousand oysters to take a look at this beautiful board. The Pearl is a great board for women of all ages and skill levels. The Pearl has a wide profile and a unique shape that give the rider more control and promise soft landings. Pearls are a woman's best friends after all.

The shape is from the legendary Conformity / Vanity series with a special lamination developed for all women out there. While you are trying new tricks such as spins or riding over kickers and sliders, you need a board that will help you. The Pearl gives you just that.

The extreme edge hold, directional stability and easy cornering. The long incorporated fins provide additional support. With the board you can go from edge to edge very well. These characteristics, together with the aggressive 3-Stage rocker, make this board the first choice. The end result is a super fast, balanced, yet forgiving board. The Pearl will definitely take you further on the water.

Note: The guarantee on wakeboards expires when features such as kickers, sliders, jumps and other obstacles are used!

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