JOBE Crypt 135 Wakeboard Package Deal with Native Binding 11/14 (45-48,5 EU)

Item number 278811025

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JOBE Crypt 135 Wakeboard Package Deal with Native Binding 11/14

• 3-Stage Rocker
• Two 1.0'' Polycarbonate Fins
• Thinner and Wider Profile
• 6'' Insert Setup 

The new Crypt series with a new snappy matt gloss graphic makes you lock in and cut when you want to, release and glide when you need to. With a thinned out profile nose to nose and a wide profile this new ride does everything you can ask of it whether you're out hitting the rails or carving out a session on glass. 

Unique sharp moulded fin design allows the rider a controlled fast approach with explosive pop. Clean bottom design with slight cups to the rails and no gimmicks, this softens landings and makes for a super consistent approach to the wake. 2.6''/2.7'' 3-Stage rocker: A clean approaching line with an explosive boot off the wake.

Native Bindung
• Tri-density Support Areas
• 6'' plate

11/14 (45-48,5 EU)

Open toe binding with an unique freeride type feel and easy entry front lace design. One of the most supportive and comfortable boots on the market today. Softer, more comfy, and easier to get into than ever before. Added comfort due to the new tri-density foot bed and the unique arch design.

Important Information:
Non-obstacle board: not meant for riding kickers, sliders, or other obstacles