Yachtbeach Jet Ski Dock 4.1m x 3m

Item number 19743

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Yachtbeach Jet Ski Dock 4.1m x 3m

In the premium segment, Yachtbeach launches the brand new luxury Jet Ski Dock. Easily park up to 2 large jet skis with their remaining watersport equipment on the Jet Ski Dock. The teak-optic foam surface made of hardened EVA is an eye-catcher itself and invites you to take a bath or lounge for a little while. It is noteworthy that you can easily combine the Yachtbeach Jet Ski Dock with all common Yachtbeach 4.1 & 3.1 platforms and make a variety of combinations possible.

Detailed information:

-The Jet Ski Dock has longer divided arms that the jet skis can not collide and be better protected. The divided arms are each 200cm long and 55cm wide - the middle department arm has a width of 40cm

- Material thickness: 20cm strengthened drop stitch - adds unbelievable stability, making it even safer when there are several people on the Yachtbeach Jet Ski Dock even when there's swell.

-Valve: 2-chamber safety system - equipped with 2 high pressure valves which allow a quick and easy filling. The high-quality pressure relief valve always ensures the right pressure at the Jet Ski Dock. Because of the 2 valves, they also save 50% of time when emptying.

- Foam Top: made of hardened EVA

-D-rings: 4 D-rings at the bottom - 12 D-rings at the top for numerous mounting options

External dimensions: 410cm x 300cm

Handles: 10 high-quality fastening and carrying handles

Pack size approx.: 111x68x23cm

Weight approx. 38kg

Scope of delivery: Carrying bag and repair set without glue. Pump is not included.

As an optional pump we recommend the following article: 18329 Aquaglide Tornado 230v Pump, which brings the recommended pressure very fast thanks to its high performance.

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