Aquaglide Yacht 4x4 Landing Pad / Plattform

Item number 15355

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Aquaglide Yacht 4x4 utility dock / platform
-NEW- Aquaglide inflatable utility dock platform
Created as a multipurpose platform to enlarge your yacht

-Very stable swimming waterlounge platform for up to 10 people

-Attachments on all 4 sides

-Used alone, or with any Aquaglide platinum product

-Provided with a lot of Anchor & D-rings to fix different other supplementary products like a dinghy or a seabob

-Modular System / Any piece can be connected to any Aquaglide platinum product

L 13' x W 13' x H 0.4'
(L 4m x W 4m x H 0,1m)
Capacity 10 Persons

Measurement & Weight: 105 x 60 x 25 cm / Weight: 62 kg