Yachtbeach Platform 4.1 Premium, Gold

Item number 1972505

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Yachtbeach Platform 4.1 Premium, Gold

YACHTBEACH 4.1 - your own floating beach

With these new and innovative yacht platforms from YACHTBEACH now you can create your own private beach directly attached to your boat or use it as a bathing platform on your private lake. This premium platform of European production was designed for performance-loving yacht owners. Now they and guests can enjoy the perfect island for reading, relaxing, or diving in and out of the water. YACHTBEACH can be a platform for fitness, yoga and mindfulness, or as a floating party lounge for the best sessions and funniest memories.

This 2x4m piece of freedom can be combined in several ways. With its unique 12-point handle connection system you can easily build your ideal docking station for your Jet Ski, tender, Seabob, SUP and much more.

Aesthetic soft, non-skid, durable saltwater and UV resistant materials guarantee luxurious and long-lasting comfort.

Highlight is the removable YACHTBEACH artificial leather comfort top:
- soft and comfortable
- anti-slip surface
- personalise your platform with your yacht´s style or logo
- choose your surface texture and colour
- durable and renewable
- hard to scratch
- UV and saltwater resistant

Constitution of YACHTBEACH Platform 4.10 x 2.05m
- made of 20 cm Reinforced Double Layer Dropstich
- 4 Ballast Bags,
- Artificial Leather Top Diamond Gold
- 12 YACHTBEACH Handles
- 4 additional D-rings on the corner

Accessories included:
- 1 x Handpump
- 1 x Bag,
- 1 x Manual
- 3 x YACHTBEACH Connector-Straps
- incl. bathing ladder holder

YACHTBEACH 4.1 pack size: 210x48x38cm
weight with bag and pump: 40 kg