Aquaglide Resort Electric Pump 230V Platinum

Item number 13267

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Aquaglide Resort Electric Pump 230 V Platinum

This pump consists of a main motor and a supplementary (booster) motor, which increases the capacity and pressure. The two motors can run sumlutaneously to obtain maximum capacity and pressure or just the main motor. Press the orange button for the main motor and if necessary the red button that switches on the booster to obtain maximum performance. Both motors re protected by thermal-amperic fuses.

Depending on the temperature conditions on site you have to check the pump frequently to make sure the pump doesn´t overheat,

- Cord: 3m
- Inflates and deflates
- Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 26 cm - 4,1 kg
- Voltage: 230V (120V) mainmotor - Voltage: 230V (120V) booster
- Output: 1800l/min mainmotor - 2500l/min booster
- Pressure: 230mbar (3.3psi) mainmotor - 500mbar (7,3psi) booster

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