Spinera Professional Wing 5 HD Towable

Item number 20262

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Spinera Professional Wing 5 HD Towable

Size: 240cm x 330cm x 20 (including inflated wing)
Capacity: up to 5 people
extra strong 1000D (Denier) PVC material
2 H3 high-pressure valves for fast inflating and emptying
1 pressure drain valve
12 HD dumbbells
Train system with 6 extra strongly bonded D-rings
2x3 m connecting line free of charge
2 chamber safety system "we take care about safety"
extra air floor also allows better sliding properties

- Optimized side wing construction for maximum fun
- Patented H3 valves for fast inflating
- Package includes a repair kit, a carrying bag and 2x3m leash
- Repairable in case of damage, such as inflatable boats

Platform: 1.7psi / 117mbar
Bubble: 0.1psi / 7mbar

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