Aquaglide Airport Classic

Item number 11701

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Aquaglide Airport Raft

Size: 8x8’ / 2.29m x 2.29m x 0,25m
• Capacity: up to 10 people.
• Holds over 2.000 lbs / 907 kg.
• Folds to compact size: 75x75x20cm / 29x29x8”.
• 600 Denier cover.
• As a towable it holds up to 4 people.
• 8 heavy duty stainless steel morage rings.
• Connectable to other Airport-inflatables.

The Airport will turn out to be another ‘hot seller’. It is an inflatable raft that can hold up to 10 people easily and is super stable on the water. It inflates in minutes and can easily be stowed in the trunk of a car or just keep it in your boat. The two different air chambers offer reliability and performance.

The towing and anchor straps allow the Airport to be towed behind a boat to your desired location, and then securely anchored in place for the day. Its design allows two or more units to join together - either in a row or in square and rectangular arrangements. You can easily tie up small boats and PWC’s to it, use it as a swim platform, make your own private island or as a starting platform to go skiing or wakeboarding.