Spinera Professional Wing 3 HD Tube

Item number 20263

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Spinera Professional Wing 3 HD Tube

Due to its "wings" the wing simply takes off from the water and likes to leave a few meters in the air behind. Due to the sleek shape, this tube has a very low resistance and therefore optimal sliding properties. Clean, carve and fly!

This tube is specially designed for commercial use with maximum durability. Heavy duty material for long durability and many rides underline the professional quality of Spinera.

Professional series / high performance room for rental / Heavy Duty

Size: 220x180x60cm (incl. inflated wing)
Suitable for up to 3 people
extra strong 1000D (Denier) PVC material
2 H3 high-pressure valves for fast inflating and emptying
1 pressure drain valves
6 HD dumbbells + 2 climbing dumbbells
Train system with 2 extra strongly bonded D-rings
2x3 m connecting line free of charge
2 chamber safety system "we take care about safety"
extra air floor also allows better sliding properties

- optimized side wing construction for maximum fun
- Package includes a repair kit, a carrying bag and 2x 3m leash
- Repairable in case of damage, such as inflatable boats

Platform: 1.7psi / 117mbar
Bubble: 0.1psi / 7mbar

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