Spinera Lets Go 3 Person Multi Position Towable

Item number 18253

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Spinera Let's Go 3 Towable

Sit back and enjoy! Come aboard and experience with two or three people the most relaxing ride of your life! If you want so! For the young guns among us the lets go series can do different as well. The brand Spinera stands for the highest quality and maximum durability. Therefore, the Spinera Let's Go is covered with a full nylon cover makes this tube extremely resistant. Padded nylon handles with neoprene pads makes your ride very comfortable. The Let's Go series is a perfect chill out area on the water.

This 3-person tube has two tow points for tons of fun, no matter which way you use it. Easy to connect with the quick connector to its two tow points and switch from sitting back to its comfy inflatable back support to a chariot style kneeling positions. The Spinera towable is equipped with 2 Boston Valve and is covered in 840 denier strong polyester around a 28 gauge PVC bladder, and comes with 12 handles with knuckle guards to hold on to.

Whether sitting comfortably or fighting as on a Roman chariot ... The ultimate and multifunctional fun on the water! So let's go!

• Multi-position towable
• 2-way towable
• Capacity: Max 3 persons
• 28 Gauge PVC
• PVC Thickness: 0,65mm
• Polyester Cover Thickness: 840 Denier
• Fully padded comfort Handles w. EVA Knuckle Guards: 12
• Neoprene seat pads
• 2 Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation
• Qick Rope Connector Hook
• 1 year Warranty
• Special: - comfortable/wide seating
• Weight: 17,04 Kg

Deflated size:
100" x 78", 254 x 198cm

Inlfated size:
62'' x 66'' x 29'' / 178cm x 211cm x 74cm

Bouée gonflable pour 3 personnes. La bouée peut être tirée dans les deux sens. Soit assis comme un canapé ou à genoux pour plus d'action. Haut dossier pour plus de protection pour des enfants. La bouée est entièrement recouverte de nylon et comporte de nombreuses poignées.

• Size: 62'' Height 66'' Width 29'' / 178cm x 211cm x 74cm (inflated) 
• Material: 28 Gauge PVC / PVC Thickness: 0,65mm / Nylon Cover Thickness: 840D 
• 12 fully padded comfort Handles w. EVA Knuckle Guards / 2 Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation 
• Quick Connector Hook / Special: - comfortable/wide seating / Weight: 17,04 Kg 
• 2-chamber security system "we take care about safety"