Spinera Professional Flight 2 Park Edition

Item number 20259

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Spinera Professional Flight 2 Park Edition

This tube requires a ticket. Drawn by the 3 F: Fast, Fun & Flight. This tube is designed for the highest demands and durability. It is completely enclosed with a nylon sleeve, the pull eye is sewn at several pull points and the soft nylon handles with neoprene pads underneath stand for the outstanding quality of Spinera. Are you still bored, or are you already flying? The new Flight Series is the right choice for those who want to go higher. Also a dream as a bathing island!

- Size: 178 cm diameter (empty), 28cm height
- PVC thickness: 0.9 mm
- Nylon cover thickness: 1680D
- Fully padded comfort handles with EVA ankle protectors
- 6 + 4 more handles
- Boston valves for quick filling and emptying
- Quick connection hooks
- High-performance towing point extra strong
- Reinforced extra wide double EVA neoprene pads for comfortable rides
- Side fold design for max. stability
- Special feature: 0.8 mm tarpulin bottom
- 2 chamber safety system "we take care about safety"

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