Spinera Lets Go 2 Person Towable Package Deal

Item number 1825206

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Spinera Lets Go 2 Towable - Package Deal

This tube is made for the highest demands and durability. It is completely enclosed in a nylon cover, the two drawbar eyes are sewn at several draw points and the soft nylon handles with neoprene pads underneath stand for the excellent quality of Spinera.

Whether sitting comfortably or fighting as on a Roman chariot ... "The ultimate and multifunctional fun on the water! So let's go!

Bouée gonflable pour 2 personnes. La bouée peut être tirée dans les deux sens. Soit assis comme un canapé ou à genoux pour plus d'action. Haut dossier pour plus de protection pour des enfants. La bouée est entièrement recouverte de nylon et comporte de nombreuses poignées.

Size: 62H*66W*29‘‘/157x168x74cm (deflated)
26 Gauge
PVC Thickness: 0,65mm
Polyester Cover Thickness: 420D
Fully padded comfort Handles w. EVA Knuckle Guards: 8
2 Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation
Qick Connector Hook
1 year Warranty
Special: - comfortable/wide seating

Available package deals:
00 - Let's Go 2P Towable only
01 - with 2 person tow rope
02 - with bungee rope
03 - with 2P rope and pump
04 - with bungee rope and pump
05 - with 2P rope and universal vest red
06 - yellow with 2P rope and universal vest
07 - with bungee rope and universal vest red
08 - yellow with bungee rope and universal vest
09 - with 2P rope, pump, bag, yellow vest
10 - with 2P rope, pump, bag, vest red
11 - with bungee rope, pump, bag, yellow vest
12 - 11 - with bungee rope, pump, bag, vest red

If you choose variation 00 - Let's Go 2 Towable only, you'll only get one Spinera Let's Go 2 Towable without any accessoires!

Features 2P rope:
Spinera Towable Tube Rope - 2 Persons / Tube Tug Leash

Max. Load: 1080kg
Length: 60 '- 18m
Capacity: 2 people
Ropes: 16 total / 14 + 2
Buoyancy line: Yes
Color: orange / white

Features Bungee rope:
Spinera Bungee Tube Leash / Tug Line

Max. Load: 1860kg
Length: 50'-15m, 43'-13m + 7'-2m elastic
Capacity: 4 people
Rope weave: 16/12 yellow + 4 red
Buoyancy line: Yes
Color yellow

Features Universal Vest:
Spinera Universal Nylon Vest - 50N Vest

- According to norm EN ISO 12402-5 50N tested vest
- Durable & durable nylon fabric
- lightweight PE foam for best buoyancy
- Size: Universal
- Colors: Black / Red or Black / Yellow

Size Weight in kg Chest (cm) EEC
Adult Universal 40-70 + 76-132 50N

Features elect. Air Pump:
Electric 12 volt air pump
Ideal for Tubes and other small or medium size inflatable products
Pressure up to 0.58 psi (= 0.04 bar),
420 l / min air flow, 80 watts, DC12V,
Size 9,5x7,7x13cm
Incl. 12V cigarette lighter plug
Material: ABS Black color
Accessories: Three universal nozzles
Function: For inflating and deflating air mattress, toys, aircouch, etc.
For all common tubes and inflatable articles with Boston Valve valve.
Additional adapters for inflatable articles

12 volt electric air pump. Inflates inflatable items such as tubes, paddling pools, camping beds, kites and other inflatables. Due to the tapered adapter, this pump fits on all common inflation products.

Features Tube bag:
Jobe Towable Bag 1-2P Tube Carrying Bag for 1-2 Persons Towables
• For 1-2 persons Tubes.
• Easy to roll in, lash down and ready.

Where to go with the tube, once it has been unpacked - often the box is too small then? Into the JOBE Tube Bag, ideal storage for all tubes and big enough for most 1-2 person towables. This nylon bag for 1 or 2 people Tubes is very easy to stow.

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