Spinera Ikran 1 Towable

Item number 19354

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Spinera Ikran 1 Towable

The absolute novelty !! Gigantic to ride! The Ikran with the U-shape and the five Finns makes carving on the water possible! Whether lying or kneeling - this tube has optimal gliding properties and is a challenge for the advanced! Perfect cornering guaranteed

- Size: 61,5“x54,8“x17,5“/156x139x44,5 cm (inflated) 
- PVC Thickness: 0,65 mm 
- Nylon Cover Thickness: 420D 
- Fully padded comfort Handles w. EVA Knuckle Guards
- Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation 
- Quick Connector Hook 
- 2-chamber security system "we take care about safety"
- Special: U-Form with 5 fins for great carving

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