Spinera Flight 1 Men Towable 60INCH / 152cm

Item number 18248

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New item - Spinera Flight 1 towable.

• Size: 60‘‘/152cm (deflated)
• 26 Gauge PVC.
• PVC Thickness: 0,65mm
• Polyester Cover Thickness: 420 Denier
• Fully padded comfort Handles w.
• EVA Knuckle Guards: 4 + 4 add. handles (2 boarding handles)
• Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation
• Qick Connector Hook
• 1 year Warranty
• Special: Wide EVA pad for comfortable ride

This tube requires a ticket. Drawn by the 3 F: Fast, Fun & Flight. This tube is made for the highest demands and durability. It is completely enclosed in a nylon sheath, the drawbar eye is sewn at several draw points and the soft nylon handles with neoprene pads underneath stand for the excellent quality of Spinera. Are you still bored or are you already flying? The new Flight Series is the right choice for those who want to go higher. Also as a bath island a dream!

Notre OVNI volante pour 1 personnes. La bouée comporte de nombreuses poignées et une protection en néoprène pour les coudes et les genoux. Allongé sur le ventre, vous pouvez être catapulté sur la vague arrière du bateau. C'est la fun complete. La bouée est entièrement recouverte de nylon.