Spinera Delta Package 1P Towable Tube

Item number 19637-2

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Spinera Delta Package 1P Towable tube complete set for 1 person

• Capacity: 1 person.
• Durable 420 denier nylon cover.
• Heavy Duty PVC.
• 2 EVA foam handles with neoprene knuckle guards.
• Safe air chamber.
• Drains in the ground (drainage system).
• Hidden Boston Valve.

Deflated size:
53.5 "x 55.5" (136 x 141cm)

Delivery content of the package:
Spinera Delta Towable package with:
1) 1P Rope and electric air pump
2) 2P Rope and electric air pump
3) 1P Rope, KwikConnect, QuickRelease, Flag, Pump
4) 2P Rope, KwikConnect, QuickRelease, Flag, Pump
5) 1P Rope, Pump, Tube Bag, Quick Release, Flag, Vest
6) 2P Rope, Pump, Tube Bag, Quick Release, Flag, Vest
7) 1P Rope, Pump, KwikConnect, TubeBag, QuickRelease, Flag, Vest
8) 2P Rope, Pump, KwikConnect, TubeBag, QuickRelease, Flag, Vest

Delta Triangle Towable. The wing-like design makes this tube incredibly fast. Two foam EVA handles with neoprene knuckle guards, the 420 denier nylon cover and a water drainage system as well as the high tear-resistant, heavy PVC inner and the covered Boston Valve for fast filling or deflate the Delta Tube.

High quality workmanship for top price-performance ratio for great fun on the water!

Quick Release?
If the rider falls off the tube, it automatically decays, so that water sports enthusiasts have a chance to stay in the water and are better seen in the water.

Duty currently only for French waters (possibly other countries, if necessary, before departure check the watersports conditions of the holiday country). Not yet mandatory for Germany, but is generally a useful addition to the water sports equipment!

12 volt electric air pump
Ideal for Tubes and other small or medium size inflatable products
Pressure up to 0.58 psi (= 0.04 bar),
420 l / min air flow, 80 watts, DC12V,
Size 9,5x7,7x13cm
Incl. 12V cigarette lighter plug
Material: ABS Black color
Accessories: Three universal nozzles
Function: For inflating and deflating air mattress, toys, aircouch, etc.
For all common tubes and inflatable articles with Boston Valve valve.
Additional adapters for inflatable articles

12 volt electric air pump. Inflates inflatable items such as tubes, paddling pools, camping beds, kites and other inflatables. Due to the tapered adapter, this pump fits on all common inflation products.

Tube Bag
• For 1-2 persons Towables.
• Easy to roll in, lash down and ready.

Where to go with the tube, once it has been unpacked - often the box is too small then? Into the JOBE Tube Bag, ideal storage for all tubes and big enough for all 1-2 person towables.

Kwik Connect
• Quick connector pull point
• With plastic quick connector
• Hole diameter 2.54cm
• The connector is suitable for lines up to 6000 pound breaking strength
• Tubesize: 1-4 people.
• Very robust and durable.
• Very low elongation.
• Same as the JOBE Buckle Connector.

Super fast connections
Practical, easy and super fast attach or detach a pull line to the tube. There is no need to pull a line of 15-23 meters through the draw point of a tube every time. This is a thing of the past with the new Airhead Kwick Connector for retrofitting every tube. Simply attach this quick connector to your tube for retrofitting and connect your pull line with just one hand. The Airhead quick connector accepts lines up to 6,000 pound in breaking strength.

Simply attach the quick connector to the tube instead of pulling the entire pull cord through the loop. The high-performance pull-in point for retrofitting has a very low elongation for safe tubing, is perfect for pulling all tubes as well as for multi-person tubes and bananas up to 4 people.

Water ski safety flag
• Signal flag
• Bright orange
• Additional safety in water sports

Universal Vest
50N ISO Approved: 50N buoyancy aid, CE according to Norm ISO 12402.5
Nylon Fabric: Makes the vest lightweight and dries extremely fast.
PE Foam: lightweight foam; consists of several layers

Very reasonably priced, universal vest with individually adjustable 3-fold closure system. The universal size of the water ski vest fits people with a chest circumference of 75-130cm. Thus you cover with a vest almost all required sizes. Ideal for tradespeople or when several different waist sizes are needed at one time.