Jobe Thunder 1P Towable

Item number 230117004

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Are you ready for a stormy ride? This tube has the thunder hidden inside. The inners are made of heavy duty 24G PVC, which makes this tube strong & light for a lively feeling on the waves. Likewise, the outside is made of double-stitched 420D to ensure durability and quality.

Connect and disconnect the rope in a flash of a thunder strike with its quick rope connector. Jobe's Thunder towable has a drain to guarantee good water release after a stormy ride. No more calm before the storm...

420 denier nylon cover
24 gauge PVC
Max 1 person towable
One way Boston valve
Quick rope connector
4 Handles with neoprene knuckle guards
Safety chamber
double-stitched nylon
Deflated size : 53.5" x 55.5", 136 x 141CM