Spinera Push Pump High Pressure included Kayak Manometer 0-1 Bar

Item number 10571

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Spinera Push Pump

High pressure single-action vertical push pump with aluminum shaft for max pressure and durability. Capable of inflating to 14,5 psi (1,0 bar), this pump was designed for watersports enthusiasts and is perfect for inflating small to medium sized items without electricity, or for topping off where other pumps fall short. 

Also great for SUP Boards. 

Included Manometer works from 0-1 bar.

Works well on any surface, even sand. Includes Kink-proof hose with attached fittings for Stem, Boston and Halkey-Roberts valves.

Specs: 12"W x 10"L x 24"H: Manual Pump
L ca. 30 x B ca. 25 x H ca. 61 cm 

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