Compressor Adaptor

Item number 101010

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Compressor Adaptor

For Use With: Boston Valves
Type Of Inflator To Use: Air Compressor

• For Boston Valves.
• Not suitable for Halkey Roberts valve.
• Adapter for the gas station or compressor.

Adapter for gas station or compressor, helps with the fast inflating of tubes with Boston Valve. The adapter is screwed onto the Boston Valve.

Please note that tubes can easily be destroyed when inflated with compressors, since towables generally require a lot of air but only little pressure. If you inflate too much, the seams burst from the inside and the tube over inflates. The manufacturers of Tubes can refuse the guarantee due to this fact!

Only use the adapter as an aid and do not completely fill the product. The remainder to the correct filling (pressure pump until sufficiently full filled) please with a double action hand pump or foot pump!

Unscrew top cap of Boston Valve on your inflatable. Screw adapter onto the top of the valve. Tighten firmly. Inflate product with an air compressor.

Use adapter while inflating any watersport, snowsport or heavy duty tube which uses a Boston Valve (speed valve).