aquasec® aquaboard® automatic - fully automatic inflatable life buoy lifebuoy - remaining stock

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aquasec® aquaboard® automatic - inflatable buoy

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The "fully automatic inflatable Baywatch buoy" is:
• reusable
• 390 g light
• Suitable for salt water with 150N buoyancy
• Manually, automatically and fully automatically (automatically triggers the inflation process within 1-2 seconds if it comes into contact with water)
• extremely robust due to the highest quality requirements for the material
• made of PU-coated nylon fabric

The delivery includes 2 cartridges and a bag made of nylon fabric with black neoprene coating

The aquaboard® automatic can be taken along like an umbrella and can be stored in the smallest of storage spaces. Due to its very low weight and shape, it can be thrown much more easily, precisely and at the same time much further than a lifebuoy. The splash protection prevents unintentional triggering of the automatic.

Together with the smallest emergency light in the world it is a “must have” on every boat.

Areas of application are:
The buoy of the THW, aquasec® is the official basic supplier of the THW, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief. We look forward to helping and rescuing people in need with you around the world.
For emergencies for external rescue from helicopters, on boats, yachts, for patrolers of water rescue, for securing water sports events, for all lifeguards.

aquasec® aquaboard® automatic is handmade in Germany.

aquaboard® automatic is the innovation for sailing, on escort boats, as a marshals and for all security staff.