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Aqua Marina Betta VT-K2 Two 412x83cm 2 Persons Kayak

Item number 1937220

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Aqua Marina Betta VT-K2 Two 412x83cm 2 Persons Kayak

Designed with safety, stability and performance in mind, our reinforced kayaks are the ideal low-maintenance boats for those looking to get on the water in a versatile, easy-to-paddle craft.

Comes in single and double size makes for easy handling while providing extreme fun for family, friends or any recreational use. Easy weekend trips or poking around the lakes and rivers near a cottage are where these boats will excel.

To feel safe on:
The reinforced kayak collection is made out of a reinforced multi-layer PVC material and multiple air chambers.

Built with high-quality material such as heavy-duty polyester fabric, reinforced hull material specifically engineered to take a beating, the BETTA is an ideal kayak for all-around recreational paddling. Single I-beam floor is made of premium PVC for resistance and rigidity.

• Super-tough reinforced PVC material for both air chambers and I-beam floor
• Inflatable high-back cushion seat provides great back support and comfort
• Adjustable footrest design for a comfortable journey
• High-performance fin system for excellent tracking ability
• Superfast self-bailing drain system
• Extended water splash guard bow design with rubber carry handle

Package Includes:
Zip Bag, 11' Push Pump, 2 x Seat, 2 x Paddle, 2 Slide-in Fins

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