Aquaglide Fiesta Lounge

Item number 11702

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Aquaglide Fiesta Lounge

The perfect holiday. Summer, sun, and depending on the group, the new Fiesta Aquaglide lounge is designed for fun and games and even for parties or just to relax.

Whether you enjoy the sun with friends at about 20 cm deep water in the Fiesta lounge with a cool drink or your children splash happily in the shallows, or the youngsters to let off steam loud ... The Aquaglide Fiesta Lounge leaves nothing to be desired! 

Ideal to integrate into a water park.

L 10' x W 9' x H 1'
(L 3,5m x W 2,7m x H 0,3m)

Delivery content:
Aquaglide Fiesta Lounge and a repair kit only.
The Aquaglide Swimstep Platform (a white float / shown in some of the action- and lifestyle images) is not included in the scope of delivery and has to be ordered separately.

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