Spinera Professional Endless Ride 8-12 Men Towable

Item number 18284

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Spinera Professional Endless Ride 8-12 Men

Rotating Tube for 12 Persons

It could not be better! Wow, wow and wow again - that's the ultimate fun! This tube is specially made for commercial use with maximum durability. Heavy duty material, numerous handholds and the excellent quality of Spinera make this rotating tube an eye-catcher and attraction for your watersportstation and let the cash register ring!

Notre ligne de bouées professionnelles sont spécialement fait pour des bases nautiques. Les bouées sont faites de nylon haut résistant à la déchirure. La partie intérieure gonflable est faite de PVC de 0.9mm. Toutes les bouées pro ont une protection de Tarpuline 0.8mm d'épaisseur sur le fond. Cette protection PVC renforcée et lisse permet également de réduire la consommation de carburant du bateau.

Professional Series / Heavy Duty Rental
Diameter: 197”/500cm
Capacity: up to 12 persons
Comfort handles: 59

- patented fast inflation H3 valves
- new stabilized spin system (enabling less fuel usage)
- extra strong 1000D reinforced PVC material
- standard equipment: 1 repair kit, 1 carry bag
- repairable like inflatable boats in case of any damage

Shipping Information:
Gross weight: 104.5 Kg
Box dimension: 117cm x 57cm x 50cm

SPINERA - Let us SPIN to a new ERA!
Consumers get best value for their money enabling most funny days with high quality products. SPINERA stands for Specialist, Professional, Innovative, New, Exciting, Refined, Approved. Spinera products include 20 years of know-how, strong material, thoughtful designing.

The new Premium Brand for intensive use. You expect highest quality and long lasting products at reasonable price? Become a member of the SPINERA PROFESSIONAL family.

All our products are made of a very tough, five coat rubberized fabric. It is very desensitized against UV rays, has a slight water resistor and because of this perfect slipping features. All seams are glued twice times.

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