Spinera Professional Multi Rider for 2x8 Persons

Item number 18587

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Spinera Professional Multi Rider 2x8 Person

Riding the Water Banana is the ultimate in family fun. All ages can enjoy the rider, since all you have to do is sit and hold on. Designed with large main tubes and side stabilizing pontoons, the Water Bananas are engineered for a safe and thrilling ride.

You will not stop laughing as you rock and roll over the waves. Break away from the ordinary and have fun with the Water Banana during your next weekend outing. All kinds of Water Bananas are constructed with super tough fabric to withstand commercial use.

Our double Water Banana was designed wit the commercial resort operator in mind. This design of Water Banana pulls easier with less water resistance because of the gradual bow and stern rise. Large reinforced shackle-rings are located on both tubes.

Standard Features:
-Main tube fabric: 1.000 denier / 0.9mm thickness
-Side rubbing strake on the side tube
-Reinforced shackle d-rings
-Soft handles

Standard Euqipment:
-Carrying bag
-Bellow pump
-Repair kit
-Towing rope
-Owner´s manual

Length 7,50m x 2,06m