SPINERA Kneeboard One

Item number 19508

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SPINERA Kneeboard One Kneeboard

The combined wider based tip design and moulded in fi ns help make this a fun and comfortable board for all riders. Kneeboarders of all levels will appreciate the stability and advanced riders will like the extra width under their knees; it helps soften landings and promote spins.

Over the years: The SPINERA Kneeboard One is appreciated for its stability. Its larger width promote spins & stimulates soft landings. A fully padded single kneeboard strap locks the rider in a comfortable way, while an traditional light PU core provides a light, responsive feeling.

PE shell with PU core
Fully padded single kneeboard strap
Comfortable foam knee pad
Molded fins for extra traction
Riders weight up till 130kg
Length 134cm / width 57,4cm