RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set + Carpet

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- The new RollerBone is a trend and fun training device at the same time and a must have for any enthusiastic board sportsmen! Indoor and outdoor.

- The balance board offers you with the included SoftPad numerous training opportunities.

- The training board enables you through his narrow ridge in the central part additional flex – and at the same time due to the wide ends you have much more space for a secure stance.

- Thanks to the joint-gentle SoftPad it is ideally suited for professional use in gyms and as well for the training at home.

- The carpet is high quality manufactured and through his appropriate measure it is easy to transport and to stow.

“Qualtiy seal – Movement & Innovation from the Institute for Movement Education and Motion Research”

Board dimensions approx. L 74cm x W 41.5cm x H 3cm / Material: Mixed Maple Woods
SoftPad diameter approx. 35,5 cm
Dimensions: Carpet ca. 135x75cm - Non-Toxic, PVC-Free, Chlorides-Free, 100% TPE, 100% Recyclable

Scope of delivery:
RollerBone: Sanded Board
RollerBone: SoftPad
RollerBone: Carpet


The RollerBone SoftBone is a great training device where ultimate fun, agility, coordination and balance are interconnect with each other. It is suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be used indoor and outdoor well as. At the beginning especially for children and older people the RollerBone board with SoftPad is an ideal combination to start balance training. A product where as well older persons have a lot of fun and joy , but at the same time doing something good for their bodies , and strengthen their muscles.
Children learn easily to improve your balance skills with the RollerBone SoftBone for her daily life.

Through the innovative thin and extremely durable material, an optimal stance will be reached. The SoftPad can be easily inflated by mouth. The fuller the SoftPad is filled, the more difficult the exercise gets. On the other hand less air in the SoftPad reduces the difficulty significantly. The SoftPad can be used as a standalone training tool as well. You can do various exercises either with one or with two legs.

SoftPad in everyday work as an additional feature for the back and wellness:

The SoftPad can be used to sit on the desk chair, and provides you with a more upright position, while at the same time it strengthens your back muscles. Pelvis and upper body remain in motion. It is also very beneficial if you use the dimpled bottom of the SoftPad for a relaxing foot massage.