Coleman Tent 'Rocky Mountain Plus BlackOut' - 5 Persons

Item number 169958

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Coleman Tent 'Rocky Mountain Plus BlackOut' - 5 Persons

  • Rods Fiberglass
  • WS 4,500 mm
  • Flame retardant
  • Weight 14.5 kg
  • Outdoor polyester, taped, with UV Guard
  • Inside polyester breathable, mosquito net
  • Floor waterproof PE, sewn in
  • Inner dimensions 2 x (210 x 140 cm) + 140 x 300 cm, height 190/200 cm
  • Pack size 70 x 32 x 30 cm

A family or group tent in tunnel construction with a nice entrance room. The sleeping cabin is completely black (BlackOut Bedroom) and allows restful sleep at any time. A small canopy protects the entrance from rain. With the very good water column of 4,500 mm and the pre-assembled, reflective tension cords as well as the flat floor tarpaulin, the tent is safely equipped and prepared against many unbills.

So-called tunnel tents offer, conditionally, steep side walls and a correspondingly good sense of space. With 2 or more bar arches (sometimes even air hoses) the tent is usually set up quickly. With correct clamping and positioning with the back of the tent in the wind, the tunnels also achieve a very good stability. One variant of the tunnel are the 'Quick Pitch' tents with circular arches: these tents impress with their uncomplicated and extremely fast construction. Especially during short trips, festivals or weekend visits they are welcome. But please test the assembly and dismantling before the use at home!