Coleman Tent 'Spruce Falls BlackOut' - plus, 4 Persons

Item number 169954

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Coleman Tent 'Spruce Falls BlackOut' - plus, 4 Persons

  • Rods Fiberglass
  • WS 4,500 mm
  • flame retardant
  • Weight 12.2 kg
  • Exterior polyester 68D 185T, PU-coated, taped
  • Inner polyester 68 D 185T, opaque mesh
  • Floor PE 120 g/m2
  • Inner size 2 x (140 x 210 cm), height 160 cm
  • mid 180 x 230 cm, height 205 cm
  • Pack size 59 x 26 cm

A generously sized dome tent with standing height and night black bedrooms (BlackOut Bedroom). This makes it possible to rest relaxed even in bright nights, under camping lanterns or in the sunshine. The 'Spruce Falls' is equipped with UV-Guard, offering pre-assembled reflective cords for better safety and a removable floor. So that the tent is easily adaptable to any situation and easy to clean and ventilate. The 4,500 mm water column and the ring-pin rod construction as well as the good space are further advantages of this tent.

Mixed forms of tunnel and dome tents are increasingly coming onto the market, which combine the various advantages of dome and tunnel tents. The so-called 'geodesists' also offer - in comparison to the standard dome tent - one or more additional linkages and thus achieve an even higher stiffness in the wind and in snow. Disadvantage: the slightly higher weight and the slightly longer set-up time.