Robens Tent 'Lodge 3' - 3 Persons

Item number 152008

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Robens Tent 'Lodge 3' - 3 Persons

  • Rods Aluminum 7001-T6, 10 mm
  • WS 5,000 mm
  • Bottom WS 10,000 mm
  • Flame retardant
  • Weight 3.5 kg
  • Outdoor Hydrotex HD RS, 75D Polyester 189T, Ripstop, taped
  • Inside 68D Polyester 190T, breathable
  • Bottom 75D Polyester Taffeta 210T
  • Exterior dimension 245 x 320 x H 120 cm
  • Inner dimensions 225 x 180 cm, H 110 cm
  • Pack size 50 x 18 cm

The combination of dome tent and short cross-first bar allows a portable lodge for flexible living, cooking and stowage with excellent height and width. This allows the residents to sit comfortably next to each other in the tent. The two openings allow easy access for the campers in all weathers and provide very good ventilation. The inner tent is first set up here.

The classic dome tents impress with their stability, space, light weight and good handling. They are among the classics of camping and are synonymous with trekking tents - not without reason. In a dome tent, the rod runs into two arches and stretches diagonally over the base area an inner tent. This type of tent, can also be set up without the use of herring. But please note: if wind comes up, herrings are urgently needed for proper clamping here too, in order to maintain stability and protect the tent from breaking bars or completely loss!