Coleman Tent 'Batur 3 BlackOut' - 3 Persons

Item number 169988

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Coleman Tent 'Batur 3 BlackOut' - 3 Persons

  • Rod fiberglass 8.5 mm
  • WS 6,000 mm
  • flame retardant
  • Weight 3.7 kg
  • Exterior polyester ripstop, PU-coated, toaped
  • Inside polyester
  • Floor polyester (5,000 mm)
  • Inner dimension 275 x 145 cm, height 110 cm
  • Pack size 40 x 19 cm

Light and wind-stable tent, which is especially suitable for backpackers who have to look at every gram of weight and keep the packing size as low as possible. The 'Batur BlackOut' offers solid protection against wind and rain and also plenty of space for luggage thanks to the two side storage spaces. The excellent BlackOut Bedroom® technology guarantees a restful sleep.

Arched tent - A tent construction made of only one bent, either longitudinally or transversely, to the sleeping direction. The use of space is approximately 60% of the floor area due to the sloping walls. The tent must be secured by at least 2 herrings and is therefore not freestanding. The space and the headroom are rather moderate, but by the minimal use of linkage arches, one achieves an extremely good ratio of weight to space.