Coleman Tent 'FastPitch Pop Up Galiano 2' - 2 Persons

Item number 169989

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Coleman Tent 'FastPitch Pop Up Galiano 2' - 2 Persons

  • Frame fibreglass
  • WC 2.000 mm
  • hardly inflammable
  • Weight 2,5 kg
  • Outside polyester, PU-coated, taped
  • bottom PE, integrated
  • Inner dimensions 135 x 230 cm, height 90 cm
  • Pack size Ø 77 cm

With the extremely practical 'FastPitch Pop Up' you will certainly attract some envious glances. The tent is ideal for use at festivals or weekend excursions. It can be set up in a few moments and is packed together just as quickly and easily for compact transport. The roof can be opened.

So-called tunnel tents offer steep side walls and a correspondingly good feeling of space. With 2 or more pole arches (sometimes even air hoses), the tent is usually set up quickly. With correct bracing and positioning with the back of the tent in the wind, the tunnels also achieve very good stability. A variant of the tunnel are the 'Quick Pitch' tents with circular pole arches: These tents captivate by uncomplicated and extremely fast assembly. They are especially popular during short trips, festivals or weekend visits. Please test the assembly and disassembly at home BEFORE use!