Coleman Tent 'Drake' - 2 Persons light green

Item number 169927

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Coleman Tent 'Drake' - 2 Persons light green

  • Frame fibreglass
  • WC 3.000 mm
  • hardly inflammable
  • Weight 4,9 kg
  • Outside polyester, PU-coated, taped
  • Inside polyester, breathable, mesh
  • Floor Polyester
  • Inner dimensions 140 x 210 cm, height 110 cm
  • Apside 100 x max. 160 cm
  • Pack size 59 x 21,5 x 21,5 cm

Take off quickly into your adventure - with style and the innovative FastPitch¿ Drake dome tent. With the quick fasteners and the pre mounted fiberglass frame the tent is build up in no time and withstand severest weather. The sleeping area is very spacious. The luggage can be stored comfortable and protected against weather in the apse.

The classic dome tents impress with stability, space, low weight and good handling. They belong to the classics of camping and are the synonym for trekking tents - not without reason. In a dome tent, the poles run in two arches and diagonally span an inner tent over the ground area. This type of tent can also be erected without the use of pegs. But please note: if wind comes up, pegs are urgently needed for correct tensioning in order to maintain stability and secure the tent against pole breakage or complete loss!