Hydra Light Energy Cell - HC2D

Item number 302106

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Hydra Light Energy Cell - HC2D

  •     Light duration Max 300 hrs
  •     Weight 104 g
  •     2.6V DC

The Hydra Light 'HydraCell' energy cell is the heart of the Hydra-Light product line. The cells are robustly constructed and contain a membrane cathode and an alloy anode. Each compact, fully assembled cell is just under 13 cm high and easily fits in one or double configuration Of Hydra Light products. The cells can be stored 25+ years before activation. It is immediately activated by simply immersing it in water at full capacity. Once activated, the cell works continuously and requires only periodic rehydration. After more than 300 hours, depending on the load and use, the cell can be renovated for additional hours of use.