Hydra Light Emergency Mini-Light

Item number 302103

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Hydra Light Emergency Mini-Light

  •     Light duration Max 72 hrs
  •     Lumen Max 100
  •     Weight 23 g
  •     2 x bright LEDs
  •     6.7 x 4.0 cm
  •     On/Off Switch

The Emergency Mini-Light is a disposable LED flashlight with a water-activated power source similar to the HC2D energy cell. Two bright LEDs provide directional light to illuminate areas or situations where bright light is needed and conventional energy sources are not available. The Mini-Light can be stored for years in its hermetically sealed packaging before first use. It is immediately activated to full capacity by simply subseating the base in water. Once activated, the Mini-Light works continuously for several days. The mini-light loses brightness and can be temporarily refreshed by immersion in salt water. This can be done several times before final disposal.