Petromax HK 500 'Wear Parts Set' - 15 pieces

Item number 402200

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Petromax HK 500 'Wear Parts Set' - 15 pieces

Consists of the following parts:
No. 3 Tone burner
No. 4 Glow Coat (3x)
No. 11 Manometer seal
No. 17 Valve insert with rubber
No. 46 Leather cuff
No. 50 Carburetor nozzle
No. 68 Nozzle Needle
No. 83 Valve sealing ring
No. 90 Sealing ring (2x)
No. 108 Graphite pack
No. 196 Carburetor valve
No. 229 Socket, seal, screw

Petroleum lanterns are a very down-to-earth and traditional way of bringing light into the dark. They have been used for decades to enlighten the most diverse scenarios. They are a reliable, bright and affordable light source. However, please let us point out at this point that the use of the kerosene lanterns with annealing stocking (such as HK 500) requires in any case the intensive examination of the operating instructions and the general use of Reinpetroleum (NO DUFTPETROLEUM - which clogs the nozzles!). In principle, it is also necessary to use - or rather - several experimental uses at home, i.e. BEFORE the trip, in order to get to know the lantern and its use. The fire hand is more unproblematic and quiet, but by no means as bright as the Petromax. The advantages of the kerosene lantern: Cost-effective operation, very bright, power-independent light, always available with the available spare parts, restoreable, traditional form, romantic ambience and simply beautiful!