baladeo headlamp 'Orkanger'

Item number 460013

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baladeo headlamp 'Orkanger'

  •     Light duration Max 50 hrs
  •     Lumen Max 45
  •     Weight 62 g
  •     LED with 1 watt
  •     3 light modes (full, saving, red)
  •     Burning time full 36 h
  •     6 x 6.2 x 4.5 cm
  •     Batteries 3 x Micro (AAA, included)

Headlamps are not only extremely luminous and versatile, but simply offer an incredibly practical light source that automatically moves in the direction of view and leaves your hands free. The best result with your personal headlamp is if you restrict the scope of application a little. It is not always necessary to use the strongest lamp to illuminate the application area in the best possible way. For work on the cooker or tent, wide-spreading lamps with medium power are sufficient. Even those who have been without a power grid for a long time value an energy-saving variant rather than a resource-eating maximum performance. For search tasks or fast sports (biking e.g.) the top performance is rather of interest...