Robens Air Mattress 'Prima Core' - 9 cm

Item number 150161

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Robens Air Mattress 'Prima Core' - 9 cm

  • Dimensions L 195 W 60 H 9 cm
  • Weight 780 g
  • 30D Ripstop Nylon
  • Filling PrimaLoft® Infinity
  • Pack size 31 x 9 cm

Air mattresses are still not the worst way to bed comfortably. With a small pack size and relatively low costs, you can significantly improve your night storage. Due to the circulating air in the chambers, which transports the body heat, the insulating effect downwards is rather moderate and therefore a use is rather recommended in warm zones or in combination with isomats (e.g. aluminium). Air mattresses with filling avoid heat loss and build a technical bridge to the self-inflating insulating mats. Several chambers in the air mattress increase the safety that you also have air under the body in case of a hole and they improve the insulation.