Coleman Airbed 'Extra Durable Airbed' - single

Item number 169910

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Coleman Airbed 'Extra Durable Airbed' - single

  •     Dimensions L 198 W 82 H 22 cm
  •     Weight 1300 g
  •     Load 148 kg
  •     24 webs
  •     PVC 0.18 mm with brushed polyester 70D x 150D 150T, laminated

The airbed with the material of the new generation. For higher resistance, noticeably reduced weight and significantly higher penetration resistance. Thanks to the lamination of PVC with polyester, this bed offers both a more comfortable skin contact and a significantly lower noise level when moving. Furthermore, the double-lock valve, the web construction and the new packing bag 'Wrap'N'Roll' are included in the scope of delivery. Simply fold the bed and roll it into the storage bag attached to the bed.