Coleman Airbed 'Comfort' - single

Item number 169598

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Coleman Airbed 'Comfort' - single

  •     Dimensions L 188 W 82 H 22 cm
  •     Weight 2,300g
  •     Load 148 kg
  •     24 webs
  •     Lying area 0.6 mm Velour
  •     Floor and sides PVC 0.4 mm smooth

Coleman offers a very comfortable and durable airbed with the comfort beds. Suitable for all family tents, as guest bed, travel bed, garden, etc. The beds have the sophisticated Airtight system. The beds are guaranteed to be airtight and easy and quick to fill. The 2 air chambers of the Double version also promise peace and quiet. The partner is not moved with every turn! Ready to use with the quick pump in just a few minutes (single approx. 1 minute, double approx. 2 minutes).