Campingaz Airbed 'Quickbed' - double, X'tra

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Campingaz Airbed 'Quickbed' - double, X'tra

  • Dimensions L 198 W 137 H 19 cm
  • Weight 3,500 g
  • Loadable up to 295 kg
  • 40 webs
  • Lying surface PVC 0.55 mm braided
  • Floor and sides PVC 0.35 mm smooth

New series of comfortable airbeds made of durable, optimized PVC. The bed can be filled quickly and easily via the airtight system valve, which is guaranteed to be airtight and easy to use. It has a dense and therefore very comfortable web structure. Ideal for tent, leisure and as a guest bed. Complete with repair kit in the new color medium blue.