Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon SI Mat 'Hattan 3.8 Kids' - L meadowbrook

Item number 151480

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Grand Canyon SI Mat 'Hattan 3.8 Kids' - L meadowbrook

  •     Dimensions L 160 W 51 H 3.8 cm
  •     Weight 850 g
  •     75D Micro Brushed Polyester
  •     PU light foam
  •     Pack size: 16 x 29 cm

In order to maintain and promote the effect of "self-inflating" a new mat should always be rolled out before the trip. Please inflate the mat slightly with your mouth the first time you open it, and then leave the mat rolled out with the valve open for a few days. This allows the foam in the mat to expand. Before the trip, roll the mat tightly together - of course with the valve open. Close the valve. The mat is compact and ready to travel. At the destination, open the mat as soon as possible and leave it with the valve open. In this way, it can then draw air and "inflate" itself formally. Before going to bed, you may be blowing a little bit to make the mat a little harder, close the valve and enjoy the comfort and insulation.