Sevylor 'Air' high pressure pump - 12 V

Item number 167944

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Sevylor 'Air' high pressure pump - 12 V

  •     190 litres/min
  •     1030 mbar, 15 psi
  •     20 x 19 cm

Powerful high-pressure pump for operation with 12 V. For example, all Sevylor® products and nylon-hulled boats. This eliminates the need for re-pumping with the hand pump. Operation via the usual 12 V connection in the car, motorhome or boat. Option of pressure unit (psi, bar or kPA) and pressure. So you have no overpressure risk and the pump switches off automatically when the desired pressure is reached. Ergonomic handle for comfortable handling. Hose with adapters for high-pressure valve as well as for Boston, Mini-Boston, double-lock and mini double-lock valves.