Amazonas Hammock 'Moskito-Aventure Thermo'

Item number 021790

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Amazonas Hammock 'Moskito-Aventure Thermo'

  •     Ripstop Nylon 20D
  •     Lying area L 275 W 140 cm
  •     Load capacity 150 kg
  •     Mosquito net
  •     Weight 470 g
  •     Completely TANATEX impregnated
  •     Pack size 33 x 8.5 cm

The ultra-light adventure hammock with insert for an isomat and practical mosquito net. The hammock is treated with a permanent Tanatex anti-insect impregnation (net and fabric). The impregnation is durable up to 50 washing times, odourless, skin-friendly and harmless for humans. This protects against mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, etc. The hammock can be used on both sides, i.e. with and without a net. The equipment also includes the double zipper for a comfortable entry, the patented spreader rods for the net, the rope for wetting and the draining cords (they let the rainwater drop off in front of the hammock).