BasicNature waterproof storm matches in can

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BasicNature waterproof storm matches in can

  •     CE 2463-F1-0076
  •     Burn off only on a refractory pad!
  •     Use outdoors only!
  •     Delivery only allowed in unopened original pack!
  •     Distribution and transfer to others is only permitted if the smallest packaging unit (by a fixed packaging) is secured against unintentional opening and the friction surfaces of the smallest packaging unit are covered.
  •     From 12 years!

In this small plastic box with screw cap and friction surface (on the lid), the woods are splash-proof and securely housed. The storm matches have a long sulfur head and therefore burn even in stronger winds. The protective layer over the wood makes it waterproof. 20 sticks. 32 x 53 mm, 15 g.

Dangerous Goods Instructions: - Danger

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