Semi Dry

Embrace the cold!

The ultimate cold water wetsuits.

Imagine watersports in every type of environment. No matter its temperature. Discover the beauty of cold. Get ready to push your limits with steamer wetsuits. Get ready to embrace the cold.

Jobe steamers are equipped with highly advanced features like a drainage thermo-covered insides which keeps the heat close to your body. Drainage thermo literally means: to drain. Meaning the drainage thermo-covered inside keeps the heat and loses the water. The water on the inside of the wetsuit gets sucked out of the first layer of the suit and runs downwards due to gravity. 

The result: it makes your wetsuit warmer, physically dryer and much lighter because it doesn’t hold any water. This makes these wetsuits perfect for more sessions.

Another advantage is that this technology doesn’t affect the flexibility of your wetsuit or vest. This means, you can still tweak out a trick or practice yoga.