Bandage Spray

GOOFIX Bandage Spray for Action Sports.

GOOFIX is the new spray bandage for adrenaline junkies.

GOOFIX quickly seals small wounds on the go and effectively protects the affected area from dirt and infections. GOOFIX is adaptively applicable, adhesive even on complex skin surfaces and defies sweat and moisture. Minor injuries are taped within seconds. Perfect for any sports and under way. Off-the-shelf textile bandages are a thing of the past!

Sport is your world. Your passion. You test your limits, nothing scares you and you always get back on your feet?

With the new GOOFIX bandage spray, you can quickly and effectively protect smaller wounds from dirt, seal them and get back on track. Free yourself from distracting textile patches that only lose hold again after a short time. Protect your health and avoid unnecessary infections