Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Atlas 2021 366 x 86 x 15cm - inflatable SUP complete set

Item number 21165

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Aqua Marina Atlas 2021 366 x 86 x 15cm - inflatable SUP complete set

Our most popular all-around advanced boards (Coral. Beast, Magma, Atlas) are bestsellers and offer fantastic versatility as well as unparalleled quality, innovation and design. Designed for use in a wide variety of conditions, and for all types of drivers. The shorter models are better suited to catching waves, while the longer wider models are aimed at larger paddlers or families who want to paddle together on an ISUP. The lightweight drop stitch technology makes the new Aqua Marina Allround-Advanced line one of the best inflatable SUP's on the market with an incredible stiffness and weight ratio.

Atlas Specifications:
Length: 12'0" / 366cm
Width: 34" / 86cm
Thickness: 6" / 15cm
Volume: 390L
Net Weight: 24.0 lbs / 10.9 kg
Max Payload: 396 lbs / 180 kg
Max air pressure: 15 psi

-QUALITY PRINTING: Complete surface pressure for superior optics
-DECK FOOTPAD: Unprinted EVA foam top made of Diamond Grooving crocodile skin structure, for maximum hold and a pleasant feeling when sunbathing
-BUNGEE-SYSTEM: Equipped with adjustable bungee strap with stopper for easy locking of luggage
-CARRY HANDLE: Special carrying handle made of solid neoprene, designed for a comfortable and good wearing feeling
-SEAT-D-RING: Additional stainless steel D-rings on the deckpad
for optional affixing of an AM SUP seat
-RUBBER PATCHED VALVE: High-quality air valve with rubber patch for
Premium look and best air tightness even with rough water properties
-DOUBLE LAYERED RAIL: 1000D (D=Denier) Double-sided material for reinforced side protection
KICK PAD: Redesigned tail kick pad for critical curves and quick turning.
-FIN SYSTEM: Removable insertion mid-fin for a tool-free

Zipper backpack, Double Action Pump LIQUID AIR V2, SPORTS III paddle, slot center fin, safety line, board strap (Coral)

Information about the updated improvements included:
-Durable zippered backpack, offers decent space, as well as for accessories and all other required accessories – Very good feel
-New super ergonomic pump with shock-resistant manometer and larger volume for easier and faster filling
-Reinforced and extended paddle blade for more efficiency when paddling